Star Wars: Worlds at War

Rebel Breakout

Ch.1 (Outer Rim Tales)

Planet Bothawui (Mid Rim)


Contacted by a human Rebel Alliance recruiter named Tiree, Corso agrees to meet at Mesa 291, an abandoned ilidium mine on the planet Bothawui.

There he encounters two others, a female human named Morgana and a male Bothan named Trust. Both were also contacted by Tiree about the meeting at Mesa 291.

When the three arrived, Tiree was nowhere to be found. However, an astromech droid named R2-D0, or “Dee-o”, led them farther into the geologically unstable mine just as stormtroopers arrived.

Led by Dee-o, the would be recruits fought off stormtroopers, avoided being buried alive by a collapsing mine, and crawled their way through a tunnel filled with fire.

With stormtroopers and an Imperial officer in pursuit, Dee-o eventually led them to Tiree who was wounded when his shuttle was shot down by two AT-ATs patrolling the nearby canyon. With no means of escape, Dee-o led them deeper through the mines and to a large cavern which opened to the canyon some 100 meters above.

To everyone’s surprise, the group came upon three Y-wing fighters covered with camouflage netting. Morgana said she had heard that Rebels may have used the abandoned mines on Bothawui as secret bases at one point.

Hearing the stormtroopers quickly approaching, the group climbed aboard the Y-wings and lifted off just as the stormtroopers arrived.

Upon reaching the canyon above, the trio of Y-wings were confronted by the two AT-ATs Tiree mentioned. Fortunately, the fighters’ shields protected them long enough to make their escape into space and into hyperspace.

After arriving at the secret Rebel base on Yavin 4, Tiree was treated for his wounds while the three recruits were briefed by Rebel officers and made full fledge members of the Rebel Alliance.

Dramatis Personae

Corso Tyren

Morgana Bor

Trust Mas’ora



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